The Portrait Project: Update!

11:23 AM

After a week+ of being too sick to paint (the worst!), I'm back at it and The Portrait Project is going strong! Hurray!!! I have a beautiful lineup of portraits to paint this week and next, including this one from yesterday! To everyone who submitted--I'm BLOWN AWAY by your portraits! Every time I get a new submission I just scream "YESSS!!!!" Ahh! They're perfect! Thank you, thank you! I love seeing your beautiful faces! 

It is not too late to submit your portrait! I will be taking submissions until the middle of November. If you missed it, see this post on how to become a part of The Portrait Project! Be sure to read it thoroughly. All questions should be answered in that post, but if you have a question, please email me. :) 

I've been getting asked what my schedule is for this project, and although the end date is tentative right now--my goal is 50 portraits! YAY! I'm painting Monday-Saturday and typically have four or five portraits scheduled a week, and I'm LOVING it. Maybe I'll write more about my process for these portraits soon. What would you like to read and see in regards to this project? (Answer in comments below!)

Shown above: my palette at the very end of this portrait. I think it's so fun at the end of a painting to look at all the chaotic messes of color on my palette that match the colors in the painting. It feels like a really complex puzzle and takes on much more meaning to me. I always wish I had an endless supply of palettes so I didn't have to "clean" off their beautiful messes and that they could stay with their painting. Also, I found this leaf when I went for a walk after being so sick. It was cheerful to me, in every sense. This year it seemed that the leaves went from green to beautiful reds, yellows, and oranges in just a few days! So it stuck with me in my studio while I painted this cute girl. I can only image was she was looking at while looking out her window into this beautiful world.

If you're checking this blog for PP updates--you're in the right place! I'll be posting here frequently as well as on Instagram (@SarahCNightingale) and my Facebook Page (Sarah C. Nightingale Art.) 

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