The Portrait Project: Ames - Baby Boy

6:00 PM

You guys... This baby!!! Is he to die for or what?! He has been so fun to paint. Babies are so delicate! This little baby boy was especially wonderful to paint. When the submission came to my inbox and I first saw it, it was just one of those simple moments where I knew it would be a great painting and that he needed to be painted. Candy for the artist's eyes! I sent the confirmation email off to his mom one night to let her know I would be starting on it, but after hitting send, I was too excited to wait until the next day to start--so I pulled out the paint just then and got to work. I woke up early the next morning, a gorgeous sun-drenched morning, and painted late into the afternoon to finish him. It was just a great painting session all around. My kind of energizer. ;)

I have some amazing submissions from The Portrait Project! Thank you!!!! Thank you for submitting!!! Keep them coming! I will be taking submissions until December 2nd! If you haven't already read the guide to submitting or don't know how to submit, click here

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  1. Gorgeous portraits Sarah! His eyes are magic.


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