The Portrait Project: Morgan

2:41 PM

Alright, friends! This portrait is about 98% done, but as we all know, the last 2% is always the hardest. So, in the meantime, while I spend the last few grueling hours with that last 2%, I wanted to share this portrait. I really shouldn't be sharing it yet, and it's been cloudy here in Chicago today so I haven't even been able to capture the portrait in great, sparkly lighting. It needs that touch of sun sparkle. Alas, I am sharing because I just think this girl is the neatest! We're kindred spirits. I know it. She's a beautiful artist, too. Check out her Facebook page by clicking here. (But really, check back in a few days if you want to see the finish and a better shot of it.)

Morgan and I met because of her great networking skills on Instagram--aka she reached out to me and was wonderful, delightful, and everything nice. After a few months (or more than a few!) of being cyber friends, she SHOWED UP AT MY ART SHOW! I was stoked to meet her. She was just as sweet and fun as I imagined. Then I moved. :( But,we keep in touch, and despite me being halfway across the country, I just know our friendship is going to be a good one for years. P.s. She has the cutest cat. So that is the cherry on top.

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