Tiny Portraits No. 1 & 2

6:03 PM

Tiny little girls need tiny little paintings of themselves, don't you think? And why is it that when something is tiny, we just gush over it? I do anyway. I always had a collection of the tiniest toys when I was little (and I mean half the size of a baby's pinky toe-nail tiny.) I probably found them in Polly Pocket's pocket. Thumbelina and I surely would've made great friends if I would've ever found her in my garden. It's no wonder that when I had this last scrap of Duralar surface left over from cutting out another size canvas, I had to paint my tiny niece on it (ahhh see! "Tiny"! Love it!) Ok, enough with the "tiny"! We all get the point. 

Above: I did that painting of my niece, Charlotte, about a month ago. My sister made claims on it, as did my mom, but in all reality, it hasn't left my studio because I just love it too much. I miss that munchkin too much. It came from a collection of photo reference I shot of Charlotte as I was preparing for my BFA show. I kept trying to get Charlotte to do a particular "pose" that I had in mind, but of course, I just got her perfect little Charlotte-isms.

Below: This painting came from me finishing up an underpainting for a larger piece that looks very, very similar, too early in the day and I wanted to KEEP PAINTING. So, originally, starting out as just a "study" (which it still is helpful to its much larger work-in-progress piece) this piece quickly became the companion piece to Tiny Charlotte. Little Jillian, a daughter of a great friend, is just a sweetheart.

I can't get away from these Tiny Portraits right now. They've caught my eye, my heart, and my easel. Stay tuned for more! They aren't the only two in a series.

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