Bubble Study

10:19 PM


>>Does this little gal not have the sweetest little face!?

>>I've been sick for what feels like a few weeks now. To the doctors, to the pharmacy, feeling better, feeling worse, repeat. Today I couldn't keep going. Instead of packing up my bags and heading back to campus for the day, I climbed back into my freshly made bed.

>>....but.... I couldn't sleep. Sometimes that will happen if my mind is racing too much. So I decided if I were to do anything, I could maybe eat and paint in the sunshine at least.

>>I had started this little study (it's 4x7in i'm guessing) a while back and decided to finish it today--and now, wow! I am itching to paint a larger one!!!

>>I think sometimes, we get sick so we can be inspired and become more grateful . . . food for thought maybe.

>>Also, I was supposed to post this TOMORROW but I just couldn't wait.

>>Ok, now I need your help. What should I title it?! GO! Comment below!

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  1. What a beautiful painting! I'm not real talented when it comes to art, but I can really appreciate beauty and talent when I see it! So glad we found each other via Jamey!
    I like Bubbles and Bows!

    1. Thank you! Well, I think your blog is so fun and artsy! And, yes!! Jamey is such a doll. I miss her! I like Bubbles and Bows too! Thanks for following!


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