Starting something new!

12:06 PM

When I haven't been at my easel for a while, I always come back starting simple. This is the beginning of my "warm-up" painting. It's 16x20. Painting all day so it should be done later this evening! :) Watch for the post! (Also watch for progress on this post.) Pardon the poor quality images taken from my phone. 

Tomorrow when the sun is out I will take a better picture (not from my phone, but from my good camera.) 

So fun! I am very happy with the result. Good, solid day of painting. 

This (below) is also something I usually won't show, but I do think as an artist you can learn a lot from comparing. Even though my canvas is entirely covered, I'm not considering this piece done quite yet. I will set it up for a few days and make a list of thing to correct. It always helps to come back with a fresh eye. :) (again, sorry for the poor quality image!)

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