Making A Picture

4:30 PM

On the last photo shoot I did I put a tiny video camera on top of my still camera. Cool idea? . . . Can be! I'll record a photo shoot again now that I know some of the ups and downs of it, but I thought i'd share this one anyway (as silly as it is.) It's a little shaky . . . et cetra. But I hope you enjoy. Sometime in the near future I will put a neater video up that is similar to this one. Oh, and don't mind that the song says something as to "Maria's wedding"? I like the "click click" of it. 
This is really just about how simple the photo shoots I do are. Nothing too posed or set up. I find a good location and let my "models" just play the part. 
(Ahh, this really is a silly video.) 

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  1. This turned out cool! I love it :) The song is the perfect touch.

  2. This video makes me so giggly, I have little tears in the corner of my eyes. The music+Amanda+you+boats+parasols+Tyson+everything. I miss you. Keep making beautiful things!


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