Daffodils for Spring

9:21 PM

People often ask me how I decide what to paint. The truth is, I have a few running lists of things to paint at all times. It’s more of a matter of when to paint something. One list is an extensive file library of photographs I’ve taken. It’s a collection of images ready to paint. I tend to view this library every day hoping that one in particular will jump out at me. Another list of things to paint, I keep as a note in my phone (and computer) that I keep track of while I’m out and about and get an idea. And lastly, the other is just in my head. Funny enough, I typically paint something that is fresh in my mind though, and because of that, I don’t believe that I will ever finish my lists of things to paint. I guess you could say that what I paint is an ever-evolving subject with no true pattern. I paint what I love in that moment, and when I do that, I don’t feel like I’m working at all.

On a morning like today, for example, despite my calendar telling me to work on a landscape piece, I decided to paint a pot of daffodils and small bunch of floral filler I bought this weekend to paint with some friends (which we did, and they did a beautiful job for their first time!) When I walked into Trader Joes looking for a floral subject to paint, I originally went in for ranunculuses or yellow tulips, but the daffodils were absolutely the star of the show! I literally walked out of Trader Joes with my face buried in the petals of the daffodils and filler (the filler smells heavenly! Does anyone know the name of it?)

I was still so jazzed about the paintings and daffodils after painting with friends that Monday morning in my studio couldn’t come soon enough! I ended up painting an entirely new daffodil piece that was more refined and “life like”, but I loved the softness in the first one I did with friends more. I went back into the first one and spent around 4 more hours refining areas and adding extra subtleness. (If you look close enough in the last image of the three of us together, you will see how different my piece was before!) I am so pleased with this painting! It is a breath of fresh air, and a very welcome peek at Spring (it snowed a bit here this weekend!) It's even sweeter to me because it's filled with great memories with dear friends! (Thanks, girls! You did so so well!)

This painting will be part of a Spring Collection available on April 20th! If you've been following me on Instagram, this was originally a landscape series, but I can't help but add some florals for Spring. :) Mark your calendars!

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  1. Great energy and freshness are radiating from the painting
    The 'filler' appears to be Stocks especially if they were great smelling flowers

    1. Thanks, Neil! You're the second person to suggest Stocks, and I am thinking you're right! Although mine feel a little more wild than what I see in pictures, maybe they're organically or locally grown! Thanks for your comments! :)


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