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9:40 PM

I am home from school during the summertime, and just last October/November my parents moved onto 3 gorgeous acres down the street from our little house I mostly grew up in (on less then a quarter acre.) Let me tell you, it's been quite the change--but such a wonderful change! This place is HUGE and full of beautiful things. There is still projects and work to be done, but the base is spectacular! One of our favorite family "outings" since living in this new country farm-land paradise is going to the vegetable garden. "Let's go to the garden!" Someone, if not all of us, say once a day! And we put on our boots, clogs, and crocs (no, I am not ashamed when in the garden to wear the crocs--but that's just the garden.) Our new hunting dog, Ruby (I call her Ruby-doo or Ruby-scoobie-doo,)  who joined our family the same exact time we moved homes, LOVES the garden. If we can't find her, we look to the garden first. Between her and the cat, the garden is free of critters! It's wonderful! 

Ruby in her natural state--she is so full of energy!
As it is summertime--I make a little palm-tree on top of my head. I know this will trend. (Pffff!!!!!!) I wish. It's my excuse not to do my hair at least. 
Now, you can see Ruby scavenging here, but also, let me introduce you to Mr. Brutus, our cat. And that's all I'll say about him for now. I feel a little funny blogging about my cat. (CRAZY CAT LADY MATERIAL)

So figure this, Ruby is a hunting dog, and a wonderful hunter at that! She also is, as I said before, our best pest/critter controller for the garden; however, this little family of Turkeys make their way to the garden every evening--Ruby only watches. Go figure! I decided to follow them tonight, and really, they're very ugly birds! It's a good thing they taste good! 

Now, as I exit the garden every time, I snatch myself a handful of these golden gems! They're so addicting and taste like candy! I've never in my life so much as liked tomatoes--almost to the point of never eating ketchup--but this summer has cured me! I'm addicted! So there you have it! Go plant a seed! Here's some inspiration. Gardens are the best!

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