4:35 PM

Laguna Niguel, California
What a marvelous place. Our last day there we took a walk down the beach a snapped a few family portraits. It was a great weekend--great start--great finish. I love my family!
All of us together! They're the best family i've ever had. (That joke is getting old.) 
While taking photos, I snapped a few "couple" shots of my parents--they needed a nice new one. Aren't they the best?! I love every detail of this photo haha! Cracks me up.  
Couple picture 1. 
Couple picture two was of Rebecca and Ray (RC2- or RC squared.) They're expecting a little girl the end of November and we are so excited! Rebecca looks so great for being that far along-right?! Love them so much.  
Couple picture 2.
Well, I was feeling a little left out with my couple photo, and I couldn't catch a seagull . . . 
Couple picture 3 . . .  there in spirit. 
My mom's traditional girl picture from her family! :) Keeping up tradition. 

And there's to the end! Miss you, sandy shores!

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  1. I can't believe you guys were right down the street from me and didn't stop in. Wah! Hope to see your family at Cami's wedding reception. Love all your paintings and artwork Sarah-joyce woolf


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