Study From Life

11:52 PM

Wow! Let me tell you I learned 100x more than I normally do painting today! 
Why? Well, finally, the day I've longed for--today I painted a portrait study from life! I've painted my fair share of still lifes from life, and have had my hand at plain air occasionally, but never a portrait. I love painting portraits!!! I can't tell you the difference it made having the model right in front of me though. (Rather than just a small photo in my left hand.) This piece doesn't look like much, but it has potential. We had about an hour and twenty minutes from start to finish. This was my result. It's definitely not as tight and clean as the paintings I normally try to do, but it is a study, unfinished, in the works--and my first! I'm so excited for what else this class has to offer! The other students are hilarious and great to be with, and the professor is awesome! Definitely more life studies to be posted! :) Stay tuned!

11x14 Oil on Canvas --Life study

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  1. I LOVE this! Seriously - she is beautiful...


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