The Florist's Market - Oil Painting - Twelve Days of Painting and Christmas

1:13 PM

If I wasn't committed to making these twelve pieces available to you before Christmas, I would definitely be keeping this one for myself. I was in love with this market stand of flowers when I saw it, and I am still in love with every bit of it even in a painting. I took the photograph for this painting in a little, beautiful shop in a small town in Victoria, Australia. (It was one of my favorite days that we spent in Australia too!) I walked in and was overwhelmed by the floral station set up in the back corner. It had the most marvelous light casting onto the wild, bursts of colors. I (bravely, because she was busy and strikingly intimidating) asked the shop owner if I could snap a photo. She said yes, and I took about 10. . . that was about 9 more photos than I planned to take. Little embarrassed, but I lived. Someday, my dream is to have a flower patch that I can harvest each year to look just like this. My painting collection would be extra happy because of it, don't you think?

This painting will be available in my shop by 5pm CST, 12.4.15. Check back tomorrow, as always, for another painting! :)

And don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY! for your chance to win an original watercolor of mine. Ends Dec. 12th! Good luck!

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