Jeweled Bouquet

9:11 PM

This last weekend I was able to teach and paint with a couple of my sweet Chicago friends (we actually met in college, but are now all married and live in Chicago.) We had such a great time! At least I did; I can't speak for them necessarily. ;)

We worked on the same composition of flowers together so that I could walk them through the process step by step. They were naturals; I was SO impressed with their abilities and creativity. It's always amazing to see how two paintings of the same thing from two different painters, or even twenty different painters, can look so different and have its own spice and flair. Personality shines in impressionism! 

When I went the the store to I couldn't get over the color in this bouquet, but I didn't even realize just HOW great the color was until we were getting into the real juice of the painting. We kept mixing colors saying together, "oooh! This is the prettiest!" and then on the next color saying, "no! this is prettiest!" We wanted dresses made in every color. It was so fun; the perfect welcome into a REAL springtime painting. 

Above: One of their paintings! Incredible, right? 

 Above: The bouquet! So perfect. And a detail of my piece. 
Above: My dear friends and their masterpieces! They painted so beautifully! Great job, girls! So proud. 

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