Anemone No. 1 - A Floral Portrait

12:08 AM

It is 1:41am. I should be in bed sound asleep getting my beauty rest; I am turning 23 years old today though! I really wanted to paint one more painting before I turn 23, and tonight I was just really feeling a good rhythm for it. Why I am blogging about it, I have no idea. (Maybe it's because I decided to have a Coca-Cola at 10pm... hmm. I never ever do that usually.)

Alex took me out for steak dinner tonight–my favorite–at a very fun, fancy, takes-you-back-in-time  sort of steak house. We got dressed up, drove the few miles to downtown which was a treat for me because we usually take public transport when we go downtown to save on parking(bleh!), and I was sure that Mr. Gatsby was going to come join our celebration dinner at any moment. The food was amazing; the company even better; the evening was wonderful; and I'm still feeling fancy from it all.

When we got home (10:30pm) I told Alex I wanted to paint for "just another hour" (ha!) and I had these anemones set up from earlier in afternoon. They were just begging to be painted, because, you see, they are fancy flowers, and it's been a fancy evening. And so, in silence (city silence,) terrible lighting, and a fancy feeling, I present to you, Anemones No. 1. I think no. 2 will be painted tomorrow... There's something sort of poetic about painting anemones at midnight the eve of a birthday though, don't you think?

Good night!

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