Garden Roses - Preview for your Valentine

11:01 AM

Spring has sprung in my studio!! Or at least I am pretending that it has. It's still frigidly cold outside here in Chicago, and when I paint by the windows to get some natural light I actually have to take breaks because there's a tiny draft and I end up shivering -- eek! But I am feeling very blessed knowing that this winter is what people are calling a "warmer" winter here. 

I found these stunningly beautiful garden roses from a florist department the other day, and I've been painting them from life every chance I get since. Sun up to sun down. They are so gorgeously fragrant, but what I really love is their charming softness. I have a couple other paintings from these roses that are still on my easel, but these two have won my heart for now. There is just something absolutely exquisite about painting these garden roses from life. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I love it. 


For Valentine's Day!!! These two floral paintings along with a few more will be available in my shop, January 31st at 5pm CT.  First come first serve. I am already feeling that little tinge of sadness when my originals leave my studio, but I love seeing them go to the perfect places in your homes - especially when it's for a special occasion! More details about this coming to the blog soon, so keep your eyes open and stay tuned! Be sure to follow along on Instagram @SarahCNighitngale or my Facebook page Sarah Croft Nightingale Art for frequent updates too! 

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  1. The colors and brush strokes are so beautiful. Wonderfully done, Sarah.


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