The Portrait Project - Baby Girl

12:26 PM

I know I've said it a million times on this blog and social media, but I am so grateful for the amazing submissions that have been submitted to The Portrait Project! Seriously, the best! Although I'm still less than ten paintings into this project (50 is my goal with no due date!), I am just beyond thrilled with how it is coming together. I feel like I get to know each beautiful soul that I am painting, and that's a remarkable thing. 

Sometimes I am able to finish one of these paintings in a span over a couple of days with long hours,  while others take rent on my easel for the entire week it seems! This beautiful baby girl was one of those week-long residence! And I have been pretty happy about it! Noooo complaining here. I planned to have her up on my blog over the weekend, but we seemed to need a bit more time together. I don't know her personally, but I just know she's an amazing little person because she has been a blast to paint! I think there are a few things I still want to change, but I just wanted to share first. 

Below are photos I took during my process, hopefully in the future I can take more and share.  

I will be taking submissions for The Portrait Project until #50! If you haven't already read the guide to submitting or don't know how to submit, click here

- See more detail shots in extended post -

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