The Portrait Project

11:47 AM

Six years ago, I painted 50 portraits in 50 days in conjunction with a gallery in downtown Sacramento, CA. I still see that as one of the BEST projects I ever undertook. It was a blast! And I was able to learn and grow so much as well as share my art with many friends and family who still own those portraits. (You've probably heard me talk about it before!) Diving into this world of being a full-time painter now, I couldn’t think of a better time to do it again! Below you can see day one and day two. I can't wait to start on day three tomorrow! As I get further into this, I’ll need more faces to paint, and I love a variety! So stay tuned, I have more details on that later!! I want to paint you and your loved ones. Here we go!!!

Above: 2/50
Below: 1/50

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