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I just wrapped up my last design project of the year, and just when I thought I say, "ahhh, finally I'm done!" I am dying to design more!!! 

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a sweet bride, Jacelyn, a friend of a friend who I met once before. She is just a doll and I loved her ideas for her wedding invitation suite. We worked quickly to get them exactly where she wanted them, and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. She wanted a feeling close to that of Rifle Paper Co., but was so willing to let me create a work that had a bit of a different flair to it--something a little more "Nightingale."
Check it out!

Also, I posted this to my Instagram the other night, it's a compilation of some of the design work I was able to do this year. I said, "The last few months have been crazy when it comes to art for me. From being a full-time student, trying to paint on my own time, working with amazing artists on collaborations here and there, and working with so many fabulous people doing freelance design, whether they be wedding invites, new logos, or complete rebranding--I'm so grateful for all the opportunities my friends (you) and family have given me to pursue my artistic dreams. Thank you!!!" That couldn't be more honest. I am SO grateful for everyone I've been able to work with this year. You're all an inspiration to me, and I admire so many of the new friends I was able to gain! 

(If you're looking for logo design, send me an e-mail! My early 2014 is getting booked!!)

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