Longing for Summer

10:22 AM

I was home during the summertime last year, and the last October/November my parents moved onto 5 gorgeous acres down the street from our little house I mostly grew up in (on less then a quarter acre.) Let me tell you, it was quite the change--but such a wonderful change! The place is HUGE and full of beautiful things. There is still projects and work to be done, but the base is spectacular! One of our favorite family "outings" since living in this new country farm-land paradise was going to the vegetable garden. "Let's go to the garden!" Someone, if not all of us, would say once a day! And we put on our boots, clogs, and crocs (no, I am not ashamed when I'm in the garden if I wear crocs--but that's just the garden.) My parents new dog, Ruby (I call her Ruby-doo or Ruby-scoobie-doo,) who joined the family the same exact time we moved homes, LOVED the garden. If we couldn't find her, we looked to the garden first. Between her and the cat, the garden was free of critters! It's wonderful! Oh, I do miss summer! You may have seen these photos of my elsewhere, but if not, please enjoy! 

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