Three-Demensional Design.

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I'm still here! Promise. 

This semester my easel has been seriously neglected, but I have so many ideas to tackle once the holidays come!! Ideas have been flooding. Even better, my next semester includes three studio classes where I can really work! (Two of them I will even paint in!!!) 

I was thrilled to find the project list on the syllabus for a new class next semester! Here is just one project i'm excited about for example:

Project No.1 (in-class)•Narrative Illustration:

For many students this project is their first painting experience and will be a little intimidated. All painting media are initially difficult, but gouache, particularly polymer based, is probably the simplest to learn. We will approach this process in a direct painting process working from dark to light.
In tonal painting it is necessary to understand that value is the most powerful design element and color is subject to this element, therefore, this project will initially focus on value patterns and design relationships.
We will begin with a brief study on shooting photo reference (you need to learn to paint from photo reference). You will learn to light your models with simple single direction lighting (initially it’s best to avoid flat lighting—it is hard to paint).
Project Description.Using a single figure in a simple environment tell a narrative story. All images must include the full-figure. Keep backgrounds simple—emphasis is on the figure, particularly the expressions of the face. Carefully design the models gesture to describe emotion.

So exciting--right?!

Now, I haven't been totally neglecting my "art" this semester . . . just my usual medium (Oil Paint.) Lately, i've been working on three-dimensional compositions, designs, (Some dealing with architectural design!), and structures. This is all for my 3D design class. My tools, although I miss my brushes, now included saws, drills, a welder, sanders (not a fan), and crazy other tools I don't even know the names of! 

My latest project i'm finishing up (see the picture above) is made from soft copper. 
The assignment was to create a sculpture with planar design. I chose to create leafs as my "planes," and i'm constructing them together as a hanging sculpture from a block of wood to create a very "free-flowing" design. I'll post another picture to this post once I finish.
Enjoy! :)

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