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Tonight I taught somewhere between 14-18 young women to paint! 
Let me just say, we had a blast! 
(see here!)
At work

We began with quietly browsing through some art books in the living room while we waited for everyone to arrive (can you hear the peaceful music in the background to set the mood?) I wanted it to be an evening that was fun, but still very "classic." Maybe like the difference from a craft night and a fine art night? Hmm. 

After everyone arrived, I talked a little about Elder Uchtdorf's Mormon Message (watch here http://lds.org/media-library/video/mormon-messages?lang=eng&query=create#2009-02-06-create) I love, love this video. In it, Elder Uchtdorf talks about how we each have a divine inheritance to create and that as long as we are guided by the Holy Ghost and doing what we need to the Lord will increase our endeavors to create. It's beautiful. Watch it if you have a couple of minutes. 

After our "spiritual message" we went out back where I gave a QUICK demo and talked briefly where to begin when they start their paintings. 
My Demo Area


Then the real fun began!!!
For each girl I had set out a painting set.

This is what 24 pallets of oil paint looks like. After years of painting, but just from today, I can officially say i've once painted till my fingers were sore. From squeezing all this paint out, cleaning brushes all night, and just in general cleaning paint off my hands as I moved from girl to girl, my fingers are SORE! 
Painting Set:
-One lollipop! (Necessary! It looked like paint swirled around!) 
-One paint pallet
-One set of gloves
-One flat paintbrush
-One photo of our still life
-One canvas (pre-sketched.)

Yes, the canvases were sketched on. My wonderful sister and I spent nearly the entire afternoon sketching on 24 canvas boards. I did this so the girls could focus on colors and the oil paint, rather than composition, perspective, et cetra. Happened to be more than helpful! Look closely and you can see the sketch on Summer's canvas.

 The girls all painted so well! I was really happily surprised! Lots of budding artists! It was especially neat to see how different each girl painted. Some dabbled here and there, others covered the canvas before I even came around to them! Some changed the image, and others literally painted within the lines.

Here is what we painted from. Sadly, I didn't get any single shots individually of the girls' paintings.

 I really had a blast teaching these young women (as little teaching as it was.) We all just chit chatted and painted the evening away! Every girl left with a GREAT masterpiece, and only TWO--that I know of--left with paint in their hair. Whoops! (Good shampoo and turpentine, ladies!) Hope you enjoy this post! I have some painting posts i'll put up soon! Keep an eye out!

Click on the photo to enlarge!

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